And Skytable 0.6 is here

And Skytable 0.6 is here

The Skytable team is extremely happy to announce the release of Skytable 0.6. Skytable is a free and open-source NoSQL database that aims to provide flexible data modeling at scale. With every release we're moving closer to our goal and this one is no exception. But just like life – it's about the journey and not the destination.

Let's take a brief look on what has changed.

#1: The Protocol

The protocol powering Skytable is now Skyhash 1.0. This new protocol is far more efficient, simple, robust, reliable, faster and has support for complex data structures. With Skyhash, up to 40% lesser bandwidth is required for queries when compared to Terrapipe. As it stands, Terrapipe 1.0 has reached end-of-life and has been replaced entirely by Skyhash as a superior protocol (and serialization format). At the same time, Skyhash is far simpler than Terrapipe which makes implementing clients a breeze.

#2: Reliability

Skytable 0.6 is a benchmark in reliability and from what we've tested, it's the most reliable release that we've ever made. Background services are now well tested, are properly terminated and all known previous persistence bugs have been fixed. The protocol itself has greatly improved reliability with the ability to allow buffering of more queries without erroring (like that with Terrapipe).

Final words

As we keep saying, we're moving ahead with every release and Skytable 0.6 paves the path for supporting different data models which pretty much evidences on what we'll be working on next (wink wink). Go ahead and download the latest release here or take a look at the detailed Changelog here.

We'll see you in the next release! Oh yeah, we also dropped the pre-release tag ;)