Announcing Skytable 0.5.2 and the first driver

Announcing Skytable 0.5.2 and the first driver

The Skytable team is extremely happy to announce the release of Skytable 0.5.2. Skytable is a free and open-source NoSQL database with a goal to simplify data modeling – at scale. 0.5.2 introduces many interesting changes and internal improvements; let's take a quick look at those!

#1: The driver!

Skytable has finally released its first driver for the Rust Programming Language. Being written in Rust, it's an obvious move! To get started, just head over to the driver's documentation page.

#2: The shell

skysh now has a greatly improved UX. New features include line editing, clearing the screen, history and keyboard shortcuts

#3: New platforms

With this release, the Skytable team will be shipping pre-built binaries for:
– Linux MUSL (x86_64)*
– Windows 32-bit (i686)
– Linux 32-bit (i686)
*currently this platform has tier-2 support

#4: New data directory structure

The old data directory structure was a little messy – and this release changes that. From the directory where you launch the database server daemon (skyd) a new data directory will be created. All data created by Skytable will be stored within this folder. The old data directory structure is deprecated but not removed. But this backward compatibility will be removed in the future

These are some of the notable changes. Apart from them, several fixes and improvements have been made, all of which you can read about in the Changelog. There has been a massive redshift in the codebase too ;)

Stay tuned for the next release!