Announcing TDB v0.3.1

TerrabaseDB reaches yet another release: v0.3.1, which we shipped rather silently - but it's one of the most important releases of TDB which greatly improves query performance. We've also added an experimental benchmark tool. Read on to know what this means for you.

Query Performance

The best part of this release, is that, even though it is a patch version, it greatly improves query performance - as much as 2X. Although we haven't formally shared any benchmarks yet, but here's a liitle spoiler: it is amazing. The source code for our benchmark tool was already pushed to our repository on GitHub, a few days back. We'll be sharing our benchmarks and instructions on how you can run the benchmarks yourself, through the blog soon. We have also thought of shipping tdb-bench , our benchmark tool, with the bundles.

What's going to break:

  • Old client ( cli ) implementations will no longer work because we've changed one specific thing in the protocol: the metalayout line in the metaframe will no longer follow the format: a#b#c# but will instead follow the format #a#b#c
  • Old data files ("data.bin") will no longer work, because the disk storage format has also been changed. This change was a complement to the transition to a newer data structure being used for storing data.

That was all about this release. Stay tuned so that you can know when we release our benchmarks!