Announcing TDB v0.3.2 and our benchmark tool

Announcing TDB v0.3.2 and our benchmark tool

v0.3.2 of TerrabaseDB is now available - with one exciting thing - we're now shipping the experimental benchmark tool in the bundle. Which can now run your own benchmarks! Read on to know how.

As noted in an earlier post, we had built an experimental benchmark tool: tdb-bench. This post is all about how you can benchmark TerrabaseDB. The tool is now being shipped with your usual platform bundle which you can download here.

Now let's get our hands on the benchmarking business! Once you've downloaded the bundle:

  1. Unzip it and make the files executable
  2. Start the database server tdb
  3. Now run tdb-bench with the options, given in order:
    • connections : The number of clients you want to simulate (we recommend at least 2)
    • queries : The number of queries you want to run. A good number is 50000
    • packetsize : The key and value size. That is, if you set this to 4, the key will have a size of 4 bytes and the corresponding value will also have a size of 4 bytes. A good size is 8, but it's really upto you

If you followed the advice above, then you should've run tdb-bench 2 50000 8. Wait for the benchmarks to be run and see the results for yourself!

NOTE: The benchmark tool is currently experimental and may show TDB to be slower! If you've found any issues or you've got an idea - report 'em here!