Announcing TDB v0.4.1

We are happy to announce the release of TDB v0.4.1 - which we already hinted at in an earlier post. Just like most patches, this is a small release, but it brings in a new feature which would make working with TDB easier.

Until now, TDB, by default, would run on port 2003 on the loopback address (i.e localhost ). Although that works during development, it may not be very convenient to have the database server to run on a fixed port or host in production environments. This is why, in this release, we introduced a way for you to customize this, via the use of configuration files. Just like the entire architecture of TerrabaseDB, we wanted to keep things simple
— and that's exactly what we've done for configuration files too.

A configuration file is a TOML file, which is one of the simplest markup languages around. This is what a configuration file looks like:

host = ''
port = 2003
noart = false


  • host is the IP address (any valid IPv4 or IPv6 address)
  • port is the port to which you want TDB to bind to
  • noart : this is an optional key, for secure environments

To use a configuration file, all you need to do is: start the database server like:

$ tdb -c /path/to/config/file.toml

If you don't provide a configuration file - that's absolutely fine! The default settings will be used in that case.
And that's all you need to know to use configuration files — no pro skills required 😉!