Announcing TDB v0.4.2

We're happy to announce the release of TerrabaseDB v0.4.2. This release is another patch release — and we've always had the trend of introducing small but extremely useful changes in these. To keep up this trend, with v0.4.2, TDB will support BGSAVE .

So what is BGSAVE ? You might have heard about it already — it periodically saves data to the background, so that the chances of data loss due to an unforeseen system or power failure can be ameliorated. BGSAVE runs in its own process, so it doesn't interfere with the working of the core database. We've kept the default interval for automated saving to 120 seconds and it is enabled by default.

But, if you don't want BGSAVE (for performance reasons, although BGSAVE almost has no effect on performance) or you want to change the duration to something other than 120 seconds, all you have to do is add these lines to your configuration file:

enabled = true # set this to false if you want to disable it
every = 120 # change this to any number of seconds you like

Note: We strongly don't recommend you to disable BGSAVE at all, unless you're sure that your system won't suffer any power failure or crash. Also, make sure that the duration for every is feasible, and not too low — otherwise you may end up doing a lot of disk I/O, slowing down overall performance.

And that's about it! You can expect to hear from us soon: another release is just around the corner!