Announcing TDB v0.4.5

We're happy to announce the release of TerrabaseDB v0.4.5. Like we had said in the previous post, this is a big release. TDB now supports automated snapshots and remote snapshots for seamless backups.

Snapshots are backups of data at specific points in time. These can be used for tracking changes, creating backups and in several other scenarios. Since TDB has an extremely simple method of persistence (for now at least), all that has to be done to restore from a snapshot — is to copy the respective file into the current directory and rename it to data.bin . We'll make it easier for users to restore from snapshots in the next release.

Snapshots work just like the BGSAVE task: a process is forked and the data is written to the file. All snapshots are stored under a snapshots directory, in the directory where tdb is running and are named in a YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS.snapshot format. Do note that snapshots aren't enabled by default - and you have to enable it via the configuration file. Snapshots can also be created remotely via the MKSNAP action, provided that snapshots are first enabled on the server side.

You can download v0.4.5 from this link.

Stay home, stay safe and stay tuned for the next release!