Announcing TDB v0.5.0

We are happy to announce the release of TerrabaseDB, 0.5.0. TerrabaseDB is a free and open-source NoSQL database that aims to provide a flexible data model while not compromising on performance and complexity of the codebase, enabling anyone to hack into it. TerrabaseDB 0.5.0 introduces a couple of new features and breaking changes.

Command-line configuration

With this release, TDB can be configured via command line arguments in place of configuration files. For this, we also developed a Setup App for convenience.

The breaking change is that you can no longer use positional arguments in tsh and tdb-bench , but instead, you'll have to use the command-line options. For example, if you started tsh like:

$ tsh

...then you'll have to start it with:

$ tsh -h # or --host

The same applies to tdb-bench .

Help menus

We have added extremely helpful menus which can be brought up by passing the --help flag.

Configuration file changes

The enabled key under snapshots has now been removed. If you want to enable snapshots, just add every and atmost under the snapshot section; if you want to disable it: just omit the section.

Restoring data from snapshots

You can restore data from snapshots in the snapshots directory by running:

$ tdb -r <FILENAME>

Enhanced remote snapshots

TDB 0.4.5 enabled you to create snapshots only if they were enabled on the server side, by using MKSNAP . With this release, you can pass an argument to MKSNAP like MKSNAP mycoolsnap , which will create a snapshot in snapshots/remote with the name mycoolsnap.snapshot . While this feature may seem trivial, in practice it can be extremely helpful in situations where you may want to quickly create a snapshot, even if it were disabled on the server-side.

Other changes

You can see the detailed changelog here.

And that's about it! Stay home, stay safe and store your data in Terrabase(DB)!