Planned changes to Docker images

Planned changes to Docker images
Photo by Ian Taylor / Unsplash

We're currently on our way to change the way we release Docker Images for Skytable and we'd like to share what we plan to do so that we can integrate any feedback that our users may have.

What happens today

Today, we maintain three sets of tags for images published on Docker Hub. These are:

  • latest: This tag is built on every push to the next branch on GitHub
  • next: This tag is the same as latest
  • vX.Y.Z: These tags match the git tags that are made whenever we release a new version

As you can see the latest and next tags are ambiguous as they do the same thing. However, several Docker images use the latest tag that marks the latest release (an actual release). As a consequence of this convention, several users have been in a state of confusion regarding the latest tag with Skytable's Docker images.

Planned changes

We plan to:

  • Publish new images to the skytable/skytable Docker hub repository
  • The latest tag will reflect the latest "stable" release
  • The next tag will reflect the latest code on the next branch
  • vX.Y.Z will correspond to all the releases made
  • We will start releasing Docker images for 32-bit and 64-bit (we already release 64-bit versions today) Intel platforms
  • We will start releasing Docker images for ARM64 and ARMv7


We hope that these changes will make the use and creation of Docker images more accessible, coherent and convenient. However, we really want you to share any feedback that you may have through one of our chat channels or by tagging @skytabledb on Twitter. We hope to hear from you soon!