Skytable 0.5.1 is here

Woohoo! The Skytable Release Team is happy to announce the release of Skytable 0.5.1. This is the 23rd release of the project and the 2nd release under Skytable. Several features are packed into this release which will enable users to take Sky further. Let's discuss some of the most notable ones.


That's right – Sky now packs SSL/TLS support out-of-the-box, thanks to its amazing integration with OpenSSL; this means that you don't need to have OpenSSL installed to use the SSL/TLS features. And with our philosophy of simplicity, using SSL/TLS is a no-brainer!
Once you have a cert.pem and key.pem file with you, which you can create by reading this guide (replace domain.key and domain.crt with key.pem and cert.pem) – just follow these steps:

  1. Start sky with:
    $ skyd -z cert.pem -k key.pem
  2. And use skysh with:
    $ skysh -C cert.pem

And you're done! You can also configure Sky to listen to an SSL-only port, a non-SSL-only port or both.

Security patch

The vulnerability VE/S/00001 has been patched to sanitize snapshot names.

Escaping on skysh — finally!

Don't get me wrong, but I intended to release this utility ages back — and I'm still asking myself why I didn't do it earlier. With this utility, you can now automatically escape spaces when using the command-line client. All you need to do is use single-quotes or double-quotes. For example, you can now run:

skysh> SET 'sayan is spaced' 'really spaced'

You can find a detailed changelog here. With every release, we're working to make Skytable ready for deployment and this is another walk in that direction. Go ahead and download it, play around and report bugs or suggest ideas!
Concurrently, we'll be working on another release. See you soon!