Skytable 0.6.2 is here

Skytable 0.6.2 is here

The Skytable team is extremely happy to announce the release of Skytable 0.6.2. Skytable is a free and open-source NoSQL database that aims to reduce the trouble of data modeling without compromising on performance, query-ability or scalability. This release appears to be a short release, but a number of important under-the-hood fixes and improvements were made. Let's take a look at some of these.

1: Squash those bugs

That's right. Several bugs were fixed including incorrect SIGTERM handling, a bug that enabled the data directory to be parallely accessed by two processes which could lead to data corruption and several other crucial fixes. A longstanding bug in the benchmark tool causing key collisions was fixed. And somehow, we broke error codes (maybe a regex replace) and this was fixed. This is very important!

2: POP it up

Nah, not very musical! POP is a new action that lets us consume a key if it existed. This could be very useful if there's a key that you want to pop off and is similar to the functions provided by the standard library in many languages for different collections (a pop on a stack like structure can be an example)

3: Time to ARM up

That's right. ARM64 is now an official Tier-1 platform and we test, build and ship for it just like all the other Tier-1 platforms out there.

Version 0.6.1

We didn't post about 0.6.1 because it was a small bugfix release and primarily added the failsafe key under the snapshot key in the configuration file indicating whether snapshotting failure should poison the database. Also, some fsync calls were fixed. You can find a complete changelog here.

Final words

0.6.2 is an important bugfix release and we'd recommend everyone to upgrade to it immediately. Apart from these, several other under-the-hood changes were made, of which a complete changelog is available here. See you at the next release!