Throwback: July 2020

July 2020 was TerrabaseDB's first month - and it wasn't too bad! Development on the TerrabaseDB project began on the 1st of July - with the traditional "Initial commit" commit message. Since then, the project has moved from something that could parse queries on the command line in REPL mode, all the way, to an usable, persistent and performant key-value store.


  • Built a fully working key/value store
  • Added support for persistence
  • Started providing binaries in bundles for Linux, macOS and Windows
  • Streamlined the entire workflow

This is quite a lot for a project that started exactly a month back!

July 2020: In numbers

For those who love numbers, here's your summary:

  • Commits: 50
  • Additions: 7,764 ++
  • Deletions: 4,198 ++
  • Merged PRs: 4
  • Issues: 5
  • Releases: 3

Don't fret the AGPL

Several individuals, developers and corporations have some common misconceptions about the AGPL. Here's a little note that I wanted to leave on the AGPL and why it's not dangerous. If you're an individual who plans to use any AGPL project - without any modifications - you don't have to open-source anything! Even if you do make modifications and keep it to yourself or even within your organization - that's absolutely fine - there's no need to open-source your code either. Only if you plan to distribute (distribution according to the AGPL is also distribution over a network) a modified version - you'd have to open-source your code. Otherwise, there's zero risk with you using AGPL-licensed projects. Also, if you plan to ship your application along with AGPL licensed code (included in your binary), then you'll have to open-source your code too.
Hence, there're no drawbacks of using an unmodified AGPL licensed database. We adopted the AGPL to protect us and our contributors.

Looking ahead

Now - let's look at the fun which is yet to come! The primary goal for the rest of the year would be determined by you! Yes, you! Because this project is for the community - and every single individual is important to us! Every contribution - be it a typo, be it a random idea or be it a dirty bug - matters a lot! Please take the survey.

We're looking forward to some great contributions in the coming month.
Got a computer? Check ✅! Got an internet connection? Check ✅! Got a GitHub account? Check ✅! (Create one if you don't 😉) And that's all - you're in!

Thank you to everyone who took a glance at what we're making! Let's make open-source great!